Falcon Hooks - BOAT Division - Nationwide - October Monthly

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Falcon Hooks October Month Long Tournament Series

$35 Entry Fee.

Division: Boat


Type: Solo Angler, Best 5 Bass (Auto-Cull)

Start Time:  10/3/20 6:00AM Central

End Time:  10/31/20 9:00PM Central

ATTENTION: MUST USE APPROVED RULER. No Golden Rules, Metal Rules, or any ruler other than Hawg Trough or Ketch Boards.

Desc: This is the October Month Long Event for Boaters. This is a solo event, and the anglers best 5 Bass will be scored. $35 Entry. 

$5 Per entry Goes to App Maintenance, Credit Card Fee's and Support. The remaining 100% is paid back to the anglers. We will automatically use the paypal email associated with your account for payout 24 hours after tournament completion. 

Payout Percentages: 1-3rd Place.


Second Place: %30

Third Place %10

Example: If we have $1000 in the tournament entry fees (after TFL fee's), then the winner would get $600, second would get $200, and third would get $100.

Allowed Measuring Devices: Hawg Trough, TFL Hawg Trough,  Ketch Boards

General Rules:

  1. Public Water Only.
  2. Artificial Bait Only.
  3. Best Five (5) Bass with Auto-Culling Enabled.
  4. Fish must be instantly released (Catch, Picture, Release).
  5. No stringer, fish baskets, etc.
  6. Fish should be released after catching UNLESS you are in a traditional bass tournament that requires a traditional weight in. In that case, the fish may be measured then placed in the livewell.
  7. Competitors may not be under the influence of Drugs or Alcohol while competing.  
  8. Competitors under 18 must be supervised by an adult.
  9. Use your own judgement and pay attention to weather conditions.
  10. All Competitors must have a valid fishing license and adhere to all local/state fishing regulations.

Boating Safety Rules: (If applicable)

  1. All boaters must wear a US Coast Guard Approved PFD while the combustion engine is on. 
  2. All boats must be equipped with a OEM installed ignition cutoff device that must attach to the boater with a standard length tether while the combustion engine is running.

Boat & Horsepower Regulations:

  1. All Boats must be propeller driven by a combustion engine.
  2. Boats must be 16' Minimium and have a rear deck.
  3. No min or max HP requirements, however vessel must be approved for Engine HP rating.
  4. Boat must have all safety items as required by local and state law.

Allowed Fishing Areas: 

  1. Fishing waters must be available and accessible to the public.
  2. Fishing area must not be posted "Keep Out", "No Trespassing", "No Fishing", "Restricted", or marked otherwise in a way to restrict public access.
  3. No private ponds

Min Fish Length: 12"

Allowed Species: Largemouth Bass, Spotted Bass, Smallmouth Bass. 

Submission Requirements: 

  1. Mouth Closed
  2. Fish Facing left, mouth always toward fence
  3. Dorsal Fin must be pointed up
  4. Eye MUST be visible
  5. All fish will be scored in .25" inch increments. All measurements will be rounded down to the nearest 1/4".
  6. Lines should be clearly visible on the measuring board (Hawg Trough or Ketch Boards)


Judging of Catch Photos/Submissions:

  1. The Tournament Director and staff has all rights to declare a catch ineligible or eligible.
  2. Photos that do not meet TFL requirements will be disqualified.


Competitors will have 24-hours to protest after the completion of the event.

Allowed Fishing Methods: 

  1. All Bass must be caught alive and in a sporting manner.
  2. All lures must adhere to state regulations, and that is the responsibility of the angler.
  3. Only Artificial lures may be used, with the exception of pork trailers.
  4. Only one(1) fishing rod may be used at a time.
  5. Trolling is NOT allowed at any time.
  6. Bass Caught sight fishing must be hooked inside the mouth.

Membership and Points:

No membership or Points available for the FREE Tournaments. 

Truth Verification Test:

Each angler agrees to submit to a voice stress test or polygraph if deemed necessary by TFL Tournament Directors. Failure to pass either examination will result in disqualification from the tournament and ineligibility for AOY Bonus or Rewards. If anyone is caught cheating, it will result in an instant and lifetime ban from the TFL. Additionally, the TFL will pursue all legal options to prosecute tournament cheaters.

Photo Submissions:

  1. The TFL uses the (Catch, Photo, Release) method.
  2. Anglers are responsible for uploading their own photos to the tournament website using the OFFICIAL TFL Early Access app from Google and Apple app stores.
  3. No physical identifiers required. 
  4. All photos are taken inside the TFL App. 
  5. Photos can not be saved to mobile phones and then uploaded from gallery or storage outside of the TFL App.
  6. Photos Must Include the entire fish without obstructions.
  7. Photos must be clear and not blurry.
  8. Tail must be resting flat on the measuring board.
  9. Lines must be clearly visible on the measuring board. Its suggested to paint the lines black.

Tie-Breakers: In the event of an exact tie, the angler with the biggest bass will be declared the winner.